OFFICIAL MESSAGE from Mike Adams, the founder of Brighteon.TV and

With the launch of live streaming capabilities for all hosts on, Brighteon.TV and are no longer carrying a dedicated stream of scheduled shows. All Brighteon TV hosts have been invited to launch live streams on at any time, which is more conducive to the current environment of fast-breaking news and current events. We wish to thank all the amazing Brighteon.TV hosts for years of broadcasting uncensored, pro-America, pro-humanity content that has helped shaped the public debate space, despite the malicious censorship and deplatforming of the tech giants.

We also thank Brighteon TV producers, sponsors and viewers for their support and goodwill during this era of extreme censorship collusion being carried out by Big Tech and Big Government to silence voices of truth. Together, we built a popular platform that helped carry a powerful message of liberty and truth, even during the darkest chapter of coordinated censorship in our nation's history.

On Memorial Day, 2024, we filed a federal lawsuit against Google, Meta, Twitter, the DoD, Homeland Security, the Dept of State, NewsGuard and other entities for colluding to silence Brighteon content and to deny Brighteon hosts their constitutionally-protected free speech rights. That lawsuit is currently working its way through the federal courts in Texas, under the domain of the Fifth Circuit, and we believe that when a judge and jury hear the merits of this lawsuit, we shall prevail against Big Government / Big Tech collusion and "censorship laundering." See the full complaint here:

This censorship caused financial harm to Brighteon and deliberately reduced the growth and reach of Brighteon, resulting in specific monetary and reputational damage, described in the complaint. Nevertheless, the coordinate censorship of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (pre-Elon Musk), NewsGuard and the United States federal government failed to destroy Brighteon, and although we have been forced to consolidate broadcast streaming services under, we are determined to continue fighting for truth, freedom and free speech rights for all Americans, and thanks to the support of our viewers and fans, we not only have sufficient funds to continue operating for years to come, we also have been able to set aside substantial funding for the anticipated $1+ million in legal fees associated with this lawsuit, which we are entirely self-funding.

Thank you for your support! And check out the following Brighteon-related platforms that promote freedom and liberty for all. With your support, we shall continue to build the infrastructure of human freedom, and we shall overcome the most malicious efforts to silence us. To support us financially, shop at and enjoy our many nutritional and prepping solutions to help keep you healthy and prepared.

Also check out: (Brighteon University) offers free, streaming educational programs that teach health, freedom, financial preparedness, off-grid living, food forest abundance and more. is a decentralized, blockchain-powered free speech social media platform that has no central servers and therefore cannot be taken down, confiscated or blocked. No one can be censored on, and it is structure much like Bitcoin, running on decentralized nodes located around the world.

Brighteon.AI is a distribution hub for downloading the free, open source AI Large Language Models that Mike Adams is building and releasing to the world to promote truth and freedom. These language models are "anti-woke" and trained on millions of pages of documents covering natural health, off-grid living, nutritional cures, asset protection, wild foods foraging, survival skills and much more. is a popular social media site used by hundreds of thousands of users as an alternative to Twitter / X, where truth is not censored and where breaking news feeds are filled with profound, exciting news stories.


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